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Wall Mounted Bathroom Cabinets Can Double Your Space

There once was a time when wall mounted bathroom cabinets were the norm. In nearly every bathroom you would find these convenient cabinets as a part of the original home building plan. However - as the style turned to sleek and minimal - these cabinets disappeared from bathroom design.

This is an unfortunate turn in bathroom organization solutions. But by adding wall mounted bathroom cabinets back into your space - you might be able to bring back this useful trend.

Where These Cabinets Can Go

The most often used space for wall mounted bathroom cabinets is over the toilet. This makes the most sense as this space will not hinder any smaller spaces or take up too much wall room.

These cabinets are simple to install. Some are available as separate cabinets that are directly installed into the wall - while others are supported by posts which go around the toilet itself. These cabinets can have doors on them or look like simple shelving you might see in other rooms.

These wall mounted bathroom cabinets do not have to stop with this location. You can also install these cabinets on the walls opposing your toilet or on other available walls. So long as these cabinets aren't hindering the door from opening, you have your choices of places to install these storage devices. It's a good idea to install these pieces on walls with studs, for maximum stability.

You might also want to reconsider the idea of a mirror setup that includes a cabinet behind the glass. Without taking up any additional room - these wall mounted bathroom cabinets are nearly invisible to the naked eye - making them all the more useful and stylish.

Places Where You Should Avoid Adding Cabinets

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While these cabinets are useful in a number of areas of your bathroom - there are a few places where you might want to avoid installing these storage pieces - in the shower or near the shower. The excess moisture can warp the wood.

Also avoid placing them on more than two walls Ė this can look overwhelming to a smaller space.

Some creative ways to add wall mounted bathroom cabinets to your space include:
  • Adding smaller cabinets that are arranged in a pattern.
  • Adding smaller enclosed shelving instead of full cabinets.
  • Adding drawers to the walls as a funky way to add space and style.
You have a number of options when it comes to wall mounted bathroom cabinets - so donít think you need to include those out of date Formica or plastic cabinets to get the job done.

By looking in home supply stores - you will see a variety of colors and materials to suit your tastes as well as the current look of your bathroom and home.

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