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Using Toy Organizers in Your Home

Whether you have children or you're thinking about having children - toy organizers will become a part of your life.

With all of the stuff children accumulate - it's hard not to have some sort of system in place to control the mess. But instead of looking at organizers as some sort of addition expense - you can look at these toy organizers as a way to teach your children about responsibility as well as keeping their own rooms and spaces neat.

Not For Little Children

When you want to buy toy organizers for younger children - you aren't going to be teaching them any lessons in picking up after themselves at least, not yet.

For smaller children and smaller toys - try to choose a toy organizer with a lid in it. This will help to protect your child from getting into the container accidentally - plus it will keep the toys from spilling out.

It's also a good idea to choose shorter toy organizers - these will be much more difficult to topple onto a child should they try to pull the container.

For Toddlers to Teens

If your older children seem to be making a mess - you can institute toy organizers that help to teach them about cleanliness.

If they're just learning colors - you might want to choose a wide variety of colors of containers to help them with this basic knowledge.

Have one child put their toys into one color box while another has another color box.

By having their own container you child will know where all their toys are and where they need to go.

Make sure that all of the children put their toys into their designated places at the end of playtime or by the end of the day. You can even create some sort of reward system for who keeps their room the cleanest.

For Teens and Beyond

While their toy organizers might not be filled with trucks and dolls anymore - teens can also benefit from organization systems.

When they're in school - create an area where all of their assignments, books, and notes will go. This way - they can keep track of what they need to do and what they need to bring to school with them. Let them know they are responsible for this space and what needs to be done within it.

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At this age - they might also want to have a separate place for their valuables so they can keep track of them: mp3 players, laptops, etc. Again, let your children know that if items are missing - replacing them is their responsibility. Thus, keeping track of this area is essential for them to make a priority.

Teaching organization doesn't have to be a stressful experience for anyone. By simply showing your children that toy organizers can help them keep track of their possessions and that they can also benefit from everything being clean and neat - you will instill in them a sense of pride and accomplishment.

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