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Have Special Shoe Storage Needs..?

Shoe storage doesn't have to be stressful to implement in your closet or home. But when you have special shoe storage needs - you do need to spend more time thinking about the right arrangement for you.

For example - those with expensive shoes are not going to store them in the same way they would their tennis shoes. Different rules apply for some than they do for others.

Whether you have expensive shoes - a smaller closet or a walk in closet - there are shoe storage tips you can use.

Expensive Shoes

If you're spending hundreds of dollars (or more) on each pair of shoes you own, you need shoe storage options which help to protect these investments. What you will want to do is start by keeping the boxes you obtained with each pair of shoes and storing the shoes in the original packaging, if you can.

If not, it's best to find cardboard boxes to store these expensive shoes in, keeping a picture of the pair on the outside for reference. You want to use cardboard instead of plastic because this will allow the shoe to breathe while plastic containers can hold moisture, while can ruin the fabric of the shoes.

If you can, try to store these shoes without stacking them as any added pressure on the shoes can lead to damage as well.

Smaller Closet

When you don't have a lot of space for shoe storage - you have a number of options. If you can - a shoe rack is the best way to add shoe storage at the bottom of your closet where space is generally underutilized.

If this is not possible - try one of the hanging shoe racks which can hang from the clothing rod or from the back of the door to the closet.

The only trick with these options is that you need to measure the shoe pockets to be sure they are big enough for your shoes.

Deeper Closet

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Though it doesn’t seem like a larger closet would be problematic - if you can't find your shoes in this larger space - it's going to be frustrating.

In this case - you will want to create some sort of shoe rack at the bottom of your closet space with a rotating setup - if possible. This will help you see all of the shoes you have without taking up more space.

You might also want to arrange your shoes by color and use so that you know exactly what you have and where it would be when you need it.

Shoe storage is not an exact science - especially since everyone's shoe habits are different.

But organizing your shoes can be simple when you realize what you have to work with - what you consider important - and how organized you already are.

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