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Choosing the Best Shoe Organizers

If you're like me - shoe organizers are at the top of your list when it comes to cleaning out your closet.

If you've bought shoes for a number of occasions - you find that the bottom of your closet is covered in boxes and pairs of shoes you don't wear everyday.

In order to protect these shoes and help you see what you already have - you need to find the best shoe organizers for your particular needs.

Here are two different shoe owners and recommendations for their shoe collections.

Too Many Shoes


Yes you there the owner of too many pairs of shoes - so many that you fear shoe organizers just aren't going to help.

The key with having too many shoes is not just getting rid of half of what you own - but rather - displaying them in your closet so that you know what you already have before you head to the store to buy something else.

To do this - here are some tips:

  • Store your shoes in clear containers or boxes with pictures on the outside.
  • Keep a photo album of your shoes, arranged by color and style.
  • Put all of your shoes in one place or section of your closet.
  • Think about getting a bookshelf that can house most of your shoe boxes.
  • When arranging shoes not in a box, show the first part of the shoe to the front of the shelf or rack and let the other shoe sit under or behind the first shoe to save space.
  • Get rid of any shoe that's un-repairable.

Athletic Shoes Galore

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When you're a runner or just an avid exerciser - you might find yourself with a number of athletic shoes to organize.

The best shoe organizers for you are either shoe bags that hang over the back of your closet door or open shoe shelves or racks.

Since your shoes will need to dry out, you might also want to keep your athletic shoe collection away from your regular clothes closet. Stick them in the coat closet but not outside in the garage as the temperature change can harm the shoes themselves.

Sort your shoes by a few things:
  • How many miles have they been used? If it's over 300, it's time to toss them.
  • What activities are they for?
  • Are they 'clean' shoes? Some gyms require that you wear shoes which haven't touched the pavement or dirt of the outside world, so keep those shoes separate from the others.
No matter what kind of shoe owner you are - finding the best shoe organizers can be an exercise in frustration as well as trial and error.

You want to make sure you are thinking about how you wear shoes and how you need to store them in order to know what you have and preserve the investment you've made.

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