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Using Over the Toilet Storage

If you're crunched for space - over the toilet storage might be your best option in your bathroom. Not only will this system allow you to use 'dead' space - but it will also allow you to organize those necessities for early morning prepping and preening.

Although over the toilet storage is often a part of many bathrooms today, you may need to install your own. Here are some options you can consider as you begin this project.

Kinds of Storage Contraptions

There are two main categories of over the toilet storage permanent and non-permanent.

Permanent toilet storage is something you would install directly onto the wall behind the toilet. This kind of storage is very sturdy and can often hold heavier items and equipment. But the trick with this kind of storage is that it is also not something you can tote around from one home to another.

On the other hand, you might want a non-permanent toilet storage system that simply sits in place over the toilet. While not as sturdy, it can be removed whenever you want to remove it - bringing it with you to future homes, if you desire.

How to Organize this New Space

The main concern with over the toilet storage is not the installation. This type of storage is simple limited because of the width of the toilet's extension from the wall probably no more than one foot. Needless to say, this isn't a lot of space in which to store essential items.

This space is best for toilet paper and soap or other items which might be needed during the course of bathroom use. Instead of having to go to a hallway closet, you could easily access the items you need.

Others find that the over the toilet storage can also work as a decorative touch. By purchasing decorative containers and jars, filling them with cotton balls, cotton swabs, etc., you can create an elegant design that's as useful as it is stylish.

How NOT to Organize this Space

The only thing to keep in mind with over the toilet storage is the minimal space you have. You don't want to overfill this area. Keep it simple to so that you can access the items you want when you need them.

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Try to keep some free space in this area as best you can. The heavier the items, the more likely the cabinet could topple over too even if it is attached to a wall or the floor.

No matter whether you choose to use over the toilet storage in every bathroom or just the kid's bathroom, realize there is value in this storage option. However, just because this space is available doesn't mean you can't make it beautiful and safe at the same time.

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