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Organizing Your Pantry

Organizing your pantry is an important task and there are many points to be kept in mind.

Organizing your pantry requires time

You plan to plan this task before getting started.

How do you want your pantry to look? How do you want it to serve you?

Once you've made these decisions - clear the shelves and wipe them down.

Now - if you decided that you want to label the shelves - then go ahead and do that.

When this is completed - dust of your food-stuff and put them back where you want them to go or...

According to the labels.

Let the expiration dates be your guide

During the 'put-back' process - keep the bin nearby for spoiled and expired goods.

Extra tips for organizing your pantry

You can use cans to store dry products.

Keep bottles of sauce, jam etc at one place and rice and beans etc at another place in your pantry.

Name the cupboards like “Cereal”, “Snacks” etc.

Always dust the cupboard, bottles, cans etc whenever you have time or while organizing your pantry.

Paint the pantry in a cool color, which would look good. White is a good - I like white.

Get someone to help you while you're organizing your pantry. Yeah - it will make the task more fun and easier to get through.

Besides - there is no reason for you to have all the power of knowing where all the food is.

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