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Organizing Your Kitchen

Organizing your kitchen is a essential activity.

Your kitchen - according to its size is easily the hub of activity. It is more than the center for cooking. It is the center for important family information. It is the center for conversations with the family. It is also the home for your recipe books - your kitchen library.

For these reasons - organizing your kitchen should be one of your first priorities.

Here are a few tips to help you organize your kitchen.

Make a list of items in your kitchen

At the start of the process of organizing your kitchen - look around the kitchen thoroughly and make a list of items in the kitchen.

After making the list - identify the items which you donít use anymore. Be brave - let them go.

Organizing your kitchen library

The kitchen's main purpose is for cooking. With cooking comes a collection of recipes.

They come from books - magazines - newspapers and maybe a friends secret family recipe written on a napkin.

However they come - if you keep your recipe collection in your kitchen they need to be organized.

Let the space you have in your kitchen determine how much of your collection should stay in the kitchen.

Also prioritize those you use on a regular basis. Organize them in a way that allows you to access them easily.

Consider putting the others in another room. Maybe the ones you use for special occasions such as Thanksgiving.

One more thing - for those recipes which you stick on the refrigerator or shove in books - get a scrapbook for them.

Don't forget the refrigerator

A refrigerator that is not organized can waste money.

Know what's in there. Look a expiration dates - put your nose to work. Then dump the suspicious looking or suspicious smelling food.

If you stay alert to what's in your refrigerator you'll know what you have and make plans to use them before they spoil.

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Let your walls help you create more space in your kitchen

Bottles of spices and other cereals create chaos on your kitchen counters.

While organizing your kitchen, keep them in labeled container.

After filling the container, keep them in a wall-mounted rack.

This way you will be organizing your kitchen in a planned way and it will help you in the long run.

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