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Organizing Your Garage

If you're not exactly sure about what you can do when its time to clean out the garage - I don't mean making enough space in there to park the car. I mean really clean and organize your garage.

Here are a few tips to help you.

Start cleaning first when organizing your garage

  • Take out all items from the garage.

  • Make a list of necessary items.

  • Throw away the unnecessary stuff.

  • Then wipe thoroughly all items and their storage area.

  • Also clean and wipe the floor, and walls of the garage.

The next step in organizing your garage would be to divide it into 5 zones.

Organizing your garage - Zone 1

While organizing your garage select a little storage area of urgent items. You can store pet food, extra beverages, and small tools.

Organizing your garage - Zone 2

The second zone would be for storing the maintenance items. You store brooms, rakes, other tools and shovels here while organizing your garage.

Organizing your garage - Zone 3

Heavier items, which are not used regularly - should be placed in the third zone.

Organizing your garage - Zone 4

When you are organizing your garage, create the fourth zone for items used very frequently. This zone should be near the door of the garage.

Organizing your garage - Zone 5

The fifth zone while organizing your garage - is for your hobbies. If you are a golfer you can place golf clubs etc.

After creating the five zones while organizing your garage, you will find that there is enough space to keep the car in there.

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