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Organizing Your Closet

Besides your bed - the closet is a crucial part of the bedroom. Unfortunately - it can be a haven for clothes and accessory clutter. Organizing your closet can solve this problem.

You can start organizing your closet with these organizing tips.

Organizing your closet - clothes

Organizing your closet starts with sorting your clothes from the closet.

  • Take everything from the closet.

  • Then select clothes you wear regularly and set aside.

  • Sort out the clothes which are for special occasions and also which donít fit on you now.

  • When you are organizing your closet, you have to make a decision to give away the clothes, which are not used anymore.

  • While organizing your closet create a partition for leisure clothes, formal wear, official clothes etc.

  • Hang the clothes, which require hangers and keep the clothes, which do not require hangers folded.

  • If the rods of your closet are old then you can change it with new ones.

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Most people donít like to throw away their old clothes. If you don't want to get rid of certain items - find a way to keep them together and store them somewhere where they don't take up to much space.

However - I hope you keep the above points in mind - because organizing your closet can save you a lot of 'looking' time.

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