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Organizing Your Bathroom

Your bathroom is not only a place you want clean...

...it is also a place you want cleaned quickly.

Organizing your bathroom is the best way to accomplish that.

To avoid this being a headache...

Try these tips for organizing your bathroom.

Organize the cabinets in the bathroom

When you are organizing your bathroom - start with the cabinets.

  • Clean every shelf and drawer of the cabinet
  • Discard unnecessary items

It is important that you remove any medication stored in these cabinets. This saves them from the temperature increase in the bathroom when you take a hot bath or shower.

Soon you will find that this one step in organizing your bathroom can create a lot of space in the cabinet.

Get the toothbrushes out

If your bathroom is being shared by 3 or more persons - give each of them baskets or containers to keep their own toothpaste, brush, soap etc.

In this way - your bathroom is less crowded

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And more importantly - everyone has their own stuff which is now their responsibility to put away.

This goes for towels as well.

Evaluate all items of the bathroom...

Then create a list for weekly shopping. This step of organizing your bathroom really saves money.

Avoid a cluttered bathroom. I know this can be difficult if it is heavily trafficked.

Just let everyone know the plan and understand their responsibility.

Good luck with organizing your bathroom.

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