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Organizing Your Attic

In our homes, attic is a huge problem solver in many ways. In the attic we store unwanted or old stuff and create space on the floor and in the cabinets or other storage areas.

Incidentally the attic turns into a mess itself. For this reason organizing your attic is a necessity.

Of course we need to start organizing your attic with a plan then...

Organizing your attic - the clean up

In the process of organizing your attic, cleaning comes first.

Take out all the boxes stored in the attic. Thoroughly check all the boxes and check the items stored them.

If you find any unnecessary stuff inside the boxes, then donít be reluctant to discard it. Remember that you are organizing your attic to create space and to make it easy to find things.

Organizing your attic - putting your things back

After the cleaning and checking - the next step in organizing your attic is storing the items back in the attic.

The general tendency is storing stuff blindly - not good.

While organizing your attic - create zones in the attic according to already decided categories.

After all you are organizing your attic to assist you in finding stuff and since you would known where the item should be, you could get it in a flash.

Boxes are hazards in the attic. While organizing your attic use clear boxes in required sizes instead of old cardboard boxes.

Then using marking ink write down the item name at the side and top of the box.

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