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Did Organizing Kid's Rooms Ever Cross Your Mind

Organizing kids rooms never crossed my mind until day I so my niece struggle to clean up her room. I felt bad and annoyed as I watched her stuff clothes under the bed.

To help her out and myself out I enlisted her assistance to get her room organized.

Im going to share with you what I learned from the process.

Three Tips for Organizing Kid's Rooms in Five Minutes or Less

Your kids are your pride and joy - but organizing there rooms is something you didn't necessarily sign up for.

With their high energy and multiple activities - it's hard for children to keep up with the mess in their rooms.

Instead of simply letting 'kids be kids,' you can involve them in the organizing process as well as teach them personal responsibility for their space. The result will be a clean bedroom and a few more minutes to spare in the morning.

Where Do the Children Play?

First you need to realize that organizing kid's rooms begins with understanding your children.

Unlike your room, your children can't necessarily reach all of the spaces that you might be able to. Instead of placing items on high shelves, have your children help you out.

Have your kids show you how far they can reach in their closet as well as in other areas of their room. Anything above this space should include items that your children either do not use or will not use on a frequent basis.

Labeling the System

If your kids are old enough to read - they're old enough to have specific containers for their things. Even if they can't read, a few pictures will work just as well when organizing kid's rooms.

Get large plastic bins that will fit onto shelves or stack easily on the floor and place labels or pictures on the outside of what should be placed back into these bins.

At the end of each day, your children can help by putting those specific items back in their place. You can even make a game out of it to see how fast they can put things back without reading the labels.

Create Certain Areas of Play

Another method of organizing kid's rooms is to create 'zones' of where certain things should be. For example - if your child is in school, you will want to have one area for their desk and their books - while there may be another area for entertainment things like a TV.

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This will help children keep the things they need for certain tasks all in the same place - while also breaking up clutter into different sections. With this system they will have smaller areas to tackle when they have time to clean up.

Organizing kid's rooms doesn't have to be a burden or a fight that you have with your child. Once they realize they can find their toys and books more easily, they're more than likely to keep up the system.

If you should notice they don't seem to be able to follow the system you've chosen - ask them what might work better. Sometimes a child's creativity might be able to prevent clutter better than you can.

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