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Organizing Home Libraries

Your home libraries can be a source of joy. However - if it isn't organized that joy can turn into frustration.

It is easy for home libraries to become disorganized gradually become an absolute mess.

Irritation rises when books are not where they are suppose to be.

For this reason alone organizing home libraries is very important.

A home library does not mean only books. A home libraries comprises books, CDís, stationery etc. All of these items are used very often and we need to put them back in the same place after using them.

Tips for organizing home libraries

  • Organizing home libraries starts with categorization of books in genres. Check out the subjects of the books and write down on a paper. Then make a different list of the books divided in genres. Like fiction, science, adventure, travel, sports etc.

  • In the next step of organizing home libraries clear the racks of the library. Set aside all the books and wipe them properly. Check if the books are damaged and if they are then fix it immediately. Some old books may need rebinding.

  • Now wipe out the racks and replace the books in the racks categorically. Here in organizing home libraries we adopt the A-Z method. For example place adventure books in the far left side of the row and then place the biography books.

  • Invest in CD cases and CD albums. You can put CDís in them and place them at a convenient place on a shelf.

  • While organizing home libraries - a cardholder is used to keep personal and business contact information. You can hang this cardholder on the wall. It is the most convenient way to manage cards.

  • You can use clear colored boxes to keep papers. These boxes are easy to keep in the drawers.

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