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Learning How to Organize Your Garage Without Stress

While it's easier to close the door, you might want to learn how to organize your garage too.

Since this room tends to be something that's rarely seen by others - it's very tempting to simply leave the mess for another time – like when you move out of the house.

Instead of losing this space to chaotic piles of clutter - you can learn how to organize your garage in just a few hours. And the best part…? Once you learn how to organize - it's much easier to keep things from going back to the way they were.

Safety is the First Concern

Want to know what I think? I think that the main reason you don’t want to think about learning how to organize your garage is because you might have dangerous chemicals and equipment in there that you simply don't know how to address.

At least that’s my excuse ;-)

For instance, you might have old buckets of paint that you want to get rid of - but you know you can't throw them out - so they sit in your garage. Or you might have old car parts that you think you might need someday – or some other piles of clutter that simply sit to collect dust.

First of all - make a list of these items so that you have an idea of what needs to be taken out of your garage. Then - call your local garbage and recycling companies to see how you are supposed to dispose of these items. These organizations will be helpful in directing you to the proper disposal methods.

Keeping Dangerous Things Safe

On the other hand - the process of how to organize your garage needs to include the storage of some dangerous chemicals because you might need them in the future.

Examples include things like motor oil and extra gasoline are things you might want to story for easy access.

To handle these kinds of items - be sure to read the warning labels first and then purchase a large cabinet with doors that can be secured or locked.

You can store dangerous items in this separate cabinet to prevent them from spilling or tipping when you don't want them to do so.

Organizing the Rest of the Mess

What you might also want to keep in mind as you learn how to organize your garage is that separation is the key to your sanity.

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By taking milk crates or other stackable organization containers - you can easily stack these items to see what you have available - but still keep it from covering the floor or getting in the way of your cars.

You might also want to invest in hooks that you insert into the walls for garden hoses, additional ropes and wires, etc. Shelves can work well for dry items or non-dangerous supplies.

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