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How to Organize Kitchen Cabinets in 5 Hours or Less

If you need to learn how to organize kitchen cabinets - you already know the severity of your situation. Not only are your cabinets cluttered - but they're also slowing down your dinner time.

To help you get those spices and cans under control - you need a system that not only organizes the clutter - but that also helps you keep things in their place.

So - if you have five hours to spare - you can learn how to organize kitchen cabinets.

Hour One: Get Rid of the Old and Unused Items

Instead of taking up valuable space - make sure you are keeping only the things you need or want. Start by getting rid of any spices or cans that look like they're not good anymore.

Most store bought spices will last up to two years if stored properly - but if they are changing colors and don't smell right - go ahead and throw them away.

Anything that's still good - but not something you're going to use can go to a soup kitchen.

Hour Two: Clean the Cupboards

There's something about cleaning that will help you learn how to organize kitchen cabinets. Wipe out all of your cabinets thoroughly and place shelf lining on the surfaces to help keep things neat and clean.

This will also help you by removing all of the items you are storing so that you can figure out what you already own and what needs to be organized.

Hour Three: Put Things You Need Where You Need Them

If you're an avid cook - you need to learn how to organize kitchen cabinets so they are convenient for you.

This means putting all of the cooking spices in the cabinet closest to the cutting board and the pots and the stove.

If you have a number of spaces - you might want to install a small shelf directly above the stove for the most used spices salt, garlic powder, etc. Then, purchase a step spice organizer that will help you see all of the spices in your cabinet without losing any space.

This will act as a riser for your spices so even those spices in the back will be easy to see.

Hour Four: Use Your Counter Space Wisely

Remove any appliances or equipment from your counter that you don't use on a daily basis.

Large appliances should be placed underneath the counters in cabinets or perhaps stored in the pantry closet. You might want to take a large vase and place it on the counter to hold cooking utensils you use on a daily basis.

Hour Five: Label the Insides of Your Cabinets

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To help you to organize kitchen cabinets for the future - label the insides of the cabinets so that you know what's there and what shouldn't be there.

This will also help those who are new to your kitchen keep up the organization pattern.

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