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5 Great Garage Storage Ideas!

When you can't park your car in your garage anymore, it's time to look into a better garage storage system.

Your garage is meant to be a place where you can keep your tools. However - the enormous space is primarily for the protection and safety of your car.

To clear this space out - you need to invest some time and some money in garage storage solutions that really work to arrange your supplies in a practical manner.

Here are five such solutions that have worked for me.

Garage Cabinets

If you have a lot of items that need to be accessed on a daily basis - garage storage cabinets could help.

Just like your kitchen cabinets, these storage pieces allow you to have easy access to things like stains - paint brushes and other smaller items.

You can easily install these cabinets yourself by attaching them directly to the wall or by hiring a professional installer to handle the job.

Large Garage Cabinets

If you need to store large items like rakes and shovels - you might want to choose a larger garage cabinet for your garage storage plans.

This could be as tall as six feet in height - plus include doors that can lock securely when they donít need to be open.

You might be able to simply sit these cabinets in your garage or you can secure them to the wall for additional strength and security.


Another way to add garage storage to your garage is to include drawers. These can be simple file cabinet systems or they can be custom made for the garage setting. In this case - they tend to be made of heavier materials like steel or other metals. These kinds of drawers will help you organize tools and equipment you might need for home projects.


A good workbench can also provide some garage storage. This allows you to just rest equipment on top of it. This way - you can immediately access your tools and basic pieces of construction equipment.

Underneath the workbench - you can have drawers or shelves to help further organize your needed equipment. Crates and baskets also work will on top of this space.


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A movable island can be an asset to garage storage - only if you have the space to use it.

These islands often work as mobile workbenches when you don't have a lot of wall space left to use for storage.

Another way to incorporate this idea is to build a workbench that can easily roll to other areas when you need it to Ė helping to give you versatile storage options. It can include drawers or function as a moveable toolbox as well.

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