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Fitting Garage Organizers into a Smaller Space

Too often, home builders are reducing the square footage of garages in order to make up more room for the rest of the house. This leads to a greater need for garage organizers.

Since the amount of tools and garage equipment doesn't seem to go away - you still need to learn new ways of arranging your expensive equipment while still leaving room for your car.

Here are some simple ways to utilize garage organizers in a smaller garage space.

Think about the Walls First

Vertical is the way to go when you don't have a lot of space to use for organization. Take a few minutes to look at the walls of your garage to see if you could add:

  • Shelves
  • Cabinets
  • Hooks
With shelves - you can hold a number of items without having to spend a lot of money or time finishing the project.

Cabinets can offer additional protection for your supplies as they will have doors that close when you are done using your tools or supplies.

With hooks - you can keep garden hoses and other lines from tangling up at the end of a project and they will also be kept off the floor and out of the way.

Stack Em Up

Another way to use garage organizers is to stack various kinds of containers.

With crates - you can easily fill the crates with items and then stack them according to need.

You can also use a color code system that will help you remember what's in each crate you use.

Many plastic cabinets and cupboards also come in stacking arrangements to minimize the space being used.

Do You Have an Attic Space?

If your garage has an attic over it - that may hold the key to your garage organization success.

Instead of covering the garage floor with garage organizers - you can place these containers of less used items in your crawlspace or attic for safe and efficient storage. Just keep a list of what you stored in this space to help you remember where necessary items are.

Racks Can Help Too

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When you have bikes to store in your garage - sometimes plastic containers aren't going to help at all.

You need to install racks in the ceiling of your garage to help get the bikes off the ground - but above the cars so that they're not taking up any space. Just hang the bikes upside down from their wheels to keep them safe. You can also use large utility hooks to keep the bikes on the ceiling.

With garage organizers - you can make the most of even a one car garage. And while these aren't going to make the space any bigger - these tips will keep the space from seeming smaller than it is.

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