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Selecting the Best Electronic Organizers for Your Needs

No matter how organized you think you are - electronic organizers can help you keep those important appointments straight.

By helping to synchronize with your office calendars and your home calendars - you can not only create a weekly schedule - but also look ahead to see if your schedule is free for new events.

By helping to collect information about your schedule - your budget - and your To Do list, electronic organizers can help you keep up with anything life throws your way.

Kinds of Organizers

If you already have a cellular phone - you might have electronic organizers already built into your life.

Take a moment to look at the owner's manual for your phone to see if there are tools you can already use – a calendar, alarms, and other functions are readily available on even the lowest priced phones.

If you have a smartphone (Treo, iPhone, or BlackBerry) - you certainly have a calendar function as well as an address book - budget organizer - task pad - and more.

What Do These Functions Do?

When you're not used to using electronic organizers - it can be difficult to tell what functions will be of the most use to you.

  • Calendars – Will allow you to input information related to the time and kind of appointments you have on your schedule. Some organizers will alert you with an alarm before the task needs to be done. Many of these calendars can be synchronized with calendar functions on your computer.

  • Task Pads, Memo Pads, Etc. – Will allow you to create customized To Do lists with priority stamps to help you see what you need to do and when you need to do it by.

  • Email organizers – With these computer tools, you can sort your email box into different categories to keep track of the different people who email you and the different tasks you need to accomplish as a result.

  • Budget organizers – If you need to keep track of expenses or mileage, this feature can help you write down your numbers right then and there.

What Do You Need?

As with all electronic organizers - the more tools you have - the more expensive the gadget is going to be.

For most people - a simple calendar function is already available on their computer operating system, so they don’t need to buy anything. However – they will need to figure out how to use what they already have.

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If you already have a cell phone - you look into the programs on your phone to see if they are helpful to you - though many find a separate PDA is a better tool. That way, if your cell phone dies, you're not stuck without your calendar – and vice versa.

Much of choosing electronic organizers is finding what suits your personality. You may find that a paper To Do list works better for you, or you might be very comfortable with the electronic options.

Try both to see what works for you. Most of these organizers will have a brief period before you can't return them – use that time wisely.

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