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Building Your Own Coupon Organizer

If you like to save money - you probably already have a coupon organizer in your drawer at home. But chances are also good that you feel like you're not saving all the money you could because your organizer isn't well organized.

Here are some easy tips to help you make the most out of your coupon organizer. You will also learn how to start your own money saving system.

Start with an Accordion Folder

When you want to separate your coupons into categories for easy reference - your coupon organizer can't just be a single envelope – you'll want to invest in an accordion folder.

This folder can be made out of a thicker paper or plastic, helping it last for the long term.

You will want to choose a folder with more than five tabs so that you have plenty of room for different categories too. In fact - it might be helpful to choose a folder that's arranged by the alphabet to be even more specific.

You might want to label the individual tabs according to aisles in your favorite super market - if you tend to spend more time in one place than in any other. This way - you can collect coupons with these aisles in mind - helping you maximize the savings at your favorite stores.

Arranging by Expiration Date

Since coupons in your coupon organizer won't be useful if they're expired - you need to create a system of weeding out the ones you need to use soon.

A good way to do this is to have another section in the front of your folder that contains coupons that need to be used in the next month or so.

This way - these items will be in the forefront of your mind as you make grocery lists and start shopping.

Each time you put a coupon into a new section of your organizer - try to keep the ones that are going to expire soon toward the front too to make this process all the easier.

Finding the Best Coupons

What you will also want to do with a coupon organizer is to fill it with the best coupons you can find.

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Aside from the grocery store coupons in your newspaper and pullouts - you can also find coupons through the online sites of your favorite stores or coupon gathering websites and forums. Simply print these coupons out and add them to your folder…

But of course - if you don't bring your coupon organizer with you to the store - you won't be making the most of the time you've spent on this organization.

With this in mind - purchase a small enough envelope to fit in your purse or your pocket to make sure you save all the money you can.

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