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Need More Closet Organizing Tips? Who Doesn't?

How do you know if you need closet organizing tips? If opening up your closet door is a frightening experience - you need to stage an intervention with your clothing.

You need to find a new way to help arrange your clothing so that you will be able to find what you need when you need it. Also and most important - you will be able to walk into your closet or open the door without covering your head.

What are You Really Wearing?

If you stop to think about it - you probably don't need closet organizing tips as much as you need closet purging tips.

You're not messy - you just have too much stuff. Instead of haphazardly throwing away things to make room, start turning the hangers of your clothing in the opposite direction whenever you wear them.

This will help you keep track of your most often used items and your least used items. Take the least used items after six months to a local charity.

Organizing by Type and Features

When you walk into a clothing store - everything is neatly arranged and easy to access.

While you don't have as much room as a clothing store - you can use some of their tricks.

First of all - you will notice that all of the shirts are in one area while skirts and pants are in another. Try to employ this setup in your closet. Take everything out of your closet and put it in piles according to what it is:

  • t-shirts,
  • dress shirts,
  • pants, skirts,
  • dresses, etc.
Then - put the items back into your closet by category.

You can even break down these categories further by arranging by color or by sleeve length. Others like to organize based on outfits, rather than categories.

If you're feeling stressed in the morning anyway, you might want to arrange in this manner to quickly grab something to wear.

Add Another Rod

Most people don't realize how much space they actually have. One of the best and most versatile of closet organizing tips is to add another rod to your closet itself.

Simply move the top rod up as many inches as you can without putting it out of reach and then install a lower row. This will help you double your closet space for a minimal investment.

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All you need is some sort of bracket that the new rod can sit in as well as a new one for the old rod if the existing bracket isn't movable.

No matter how many closet organizing tips you learn - the ones that will work best for you will suit your lifestyle and your space constraints.

By recognizing what you need in your closet, you can begin the process of making sure you stay safe from messes and falling items.

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