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Closet Organizing Ideas for Smaller Closets

You might be thinking that closet organizing ideas are simply useless when you don't have a large space to organize. If you can't place those handy closet organizers in the closet, how will you ever clean up the mess?

The good news is that you're not alone in your small closet woes. And the even better news is that you can work with the space you have and create a streamlined design that clears the clutter and makes your life easier here's how.

Move in Some Furniture

While it would seem that moving more furniture into the closet would be the least helpful of all closet organizing ideas - you may want to take another look.

If you don't already have a lot of longer clothes to hang, putting a small dresser in your closet can actually help you store your clothes in an organized fashion - while also helping to increase the space in your bedroom.

You can place sweaters and other non-hanging items in this dresser to keep them clean and organized.

Divide and Conquer

If you're like me - you have different lives to lead during the week. Some days - you might be a business professional - on other days, you might need jeans and sweatshirts.

If this is the case - you can try using your closet for the dresser clothing and use a dresser for your casual clothes.

This will reduce the volume in your closet and it will shave time off your mornings as you won't have to hunt for an outfit for work.

Armoires aren't Old-Fashioned Anymore

Since your closet isn't getting any bigger, you may want to move your closet organizing ideas to another area the free space in your bedroom.

A nice armoire can hold a number of hanging items as well as folded items to help relieve the space constraints in your closet.

You can find a number of these furniture pieces which can be adjusted to your specific needs, as well as those which include a larger drawer at the base.

Create a Seasonal Closet

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Very often, closets are filled with things we can wear on rare occasions. Maybe you live in a multi-seasonal climate which requires tank tops during some months and parkas during others.

To help you store everything in a small space, closet organizing ideas like storing the out of season clothes will be very helpful. Not only will this free up your closet for the current seasons' clothing, but you will also be able to find your outfits more easily.

Closet organizing ideas for smaller closets are certainly helpful when you have a smaller space, but even if you don't, these tips can help you maximize the square footage of any closet.

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