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CD Organizers and Storage

I'm no longer a fan of collecting CD's. However, before I came to that realization - I already had an impressive collection.

Using CD organizers and storage, I came up with a useful and good-looking organizing solution for my CDs.

What worked for me may or may not work for you - so here are some CD organizing and storage tips to help you.

How many CDs do you have?

Do a search of your home to make sure you have all your CDs. How many do you have?

If you have more than one hundred - then you know that the 35-CD wire storage tower is not going to cut it...

However if you want to store certain CDs in certain places - then one or more CD organizers and storage solutions.

Maybe you have a list of CDs for the bedroom - and a different set that you like to listen to in the kitchen.

If you separate your music like that, then something like...


might work for you. It holds 20 CDs and the CDs come out at the push of a button.

Or maybe...

This baby can hold 50 CDs and only costs $20.36 at amazon.com

Decide where you want to store your CDs

Which room do you want to store your CDs in? Which corner or wall space will they occupy?

Knowing this will help you decide on a CD storage solution for your home.

While shopping for your CD organizers and storage - you can imagine how it will look in your designated space.

How do you want to store your CDs?

Some CD organizers and storage solutions may not allow you to store your CDs with the cases.

So - are you a keeper of CD cases - or do you see no purpose in keeping them.

Whatever you decide - be sure that the CD storage solution you choose fits you keep it or don't it - preference.

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