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Finding Space for Bathroom Storage

The fact of the matter is - bathroom storage is difficult. The main reason for this is that in most cases bathrooms are the smallest rooms of the house only second to closets.

Because of this limited space - you simply don't have room to store everything you need. You can try cramming everything into the space you have but that will only add to your disorganization and your frustration.

Instead of losing yourself in the piles of chaos in your bathroom - make more room for bathroom storage. It's not as difficult as you might think.

When You Have a Vanity Cabinet

Having a vanity cabinet might be your downfall. This large piece of bathroom furniture looks nice, but it tends to take up a lot of room in your bathroom. While there is space underneath the sink, this space is limited by the pipes of the sink.

However - there are ways you can maximize this space:
  • Install hooks on the doors This will give you places to hang jewelry or other accessories for immediate access.
  • Think about stacking containers or shelves in the cabinet This will give you vertical storage space. Color-code them for each person in the family to help keep everything straight.
  • Never store extras under the sink If you want to have toilet paper and soap stock in your bathroom, keep it to the bare minimum under the sink.
  • Consider buckets for family members Instead of having everyone store their personal things under the sink, have everyone use a portable bucket that they bring into the bathroom when it needs to be used.

Over the Toilet Options

You might also want to explore bathroom storage above the toilet. Whether you install a permanent cabinet that affixes to the wall or one that simply sits above the toilet tank - this storage solution can help you add more room for bathroom stock. Things like cleaning accessories and even towels can be stored in these kinds of spaces.

Alongside the toilet, you might also be able to fit a rolling cart for bathroom storage. These are easy to find at remodeling and home organization retailers. They offer mobile storage that can easily fit between the vanity and the toilet or the toilet and the bathtub.

The Bathroom Closet

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If there is a closet within your bathroom - the way you organize this bathroom storage space might make all the difference. Try organizing according to uses of the items on the shelves i.e. hair products, soaps, shaving materials, etc.

Or you might want to put lesser used items on the top shelves while the more often used items go on easy to reach shelves. You can also use the floor of the closet to store plastic containers with bathroom appliances like blow dryers and curling irons.

Bathroom storage doesn't have to overflow into the sink and the top of the toilet. With these simple solutions, you can begin to use the bathroom for relaxing again.

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