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Maximizing the Use of Bathroom Organizers

Going to the store to shop for bathroom organizers is not the end of your organization troubles unfortunately. So often we have the best of intentions as those organizers are rung up with the cashier - only to put them into our homes - savor organization for the short term, and then have the same troubles resurface within weeks.

You need a better plan - a better idea of how to constructively use bathroom organizers to help you get and stay organized.

Find Out What You Own

Do you have the To Much Stuff Syndrome you know that syndrome where you have so much 'stuff' that you don't even remember what you own anymore.

Well - to begin utilizing your bathroom organizers - you need to first find out what you already own.

Take every organizer you have and put them in the bathroom. Sure, it's going to get crowded in there - but this will help you see what you have and how you might be able to use it. This is also a good time to pull everything out of your bathroom vanity cabinet and other storage areas of your bathroom to see the mess you need to corral.

Sort Everything into Piles

Once you begin to look at what you own, you need to put it into piles according to use and owner.

With each item ask yourself if this is something that's used on a daily basis. If not - it goes into a pile closer to the door and if so, it stays in the bathroom. Then - ask if the item belongs to a certain person or if it is a communal item sort accordingly.

By the end of this process - you will see specific piles that your bathroom organizers will then get to handle.

Get Out the Organizers

One of the easiest ways to use bathroom organizers is to sort according to person. This way - everyone is responsible for their own space - plus if they want to add more items to their space, they either have to get rid of something or they need to move something to another room.

You might also want to organize your items by the reach of the person who is using them. For example - your younger children's items should be closer to the ground (provided that they are non-toxic), while the older children can have items on higher shelves.

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Look for bathroom organizers that provide deep containers which can hold items without anything falling out the sides or the bottom. While wire based containers look neat - they tend to be unable to support smaller items and equipment.

You might even want to label your bathroom organizers to begin to establish a system that can be easily reorganized if things get out of hand. But within a few weeks - you will notice that these organizers are doing their job.

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