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3 Steps to Bathroom Organization

Bathroom organization is a problem best faced head-on. No matter how much you try to avoid it - the truth is that you could save yourself a lot of time by tackling this project today.

Since this seems like an overwhelming task – you might be tempted to just let everything sit on the bathroom counter until company comes over. Even then – hiding the 'evidence' under the sink is the quickest remedy.

Instead of playing hide and seek - you can follow just three steps and get your bathroom organization issues under control – for good.

Step One – If It's Old or Leaking, Toss It

Messes in the bathroom often begin with a need to keep everything until its empty. This makes financial sense - but in terms of bathroom organization - it spells disaster.

When you begin your organizing project - you need to look at the expiration stamps and start throwing things away that are too old to use.

These dates are meant to protect you from harmful disintegration of everything from medications to lotions. Also - if the bottles or jars are leaking - they should be thrown away – no questions asked.

The same can be said for anything that seems to have changed color or texture since you first bought it.

If you’re feeling guilty about throwing so much away maybe this tips might make you feel better.

  • If the items are not a drug, you can rinse out the containers and recycle them.

Step Two – Consider Separate Sections

Instead of having everything under the sink all at once - try bathroom organization according to the rate of use. For example - if you don't wear makeup everyday, why not keep it in an outside closet where it can be easily accessed when it is necessary.

The same could be said for extra towels that can quickly overwhelm a smaller bathroom space. And since the bathtub can have hanging organization solutions for things you use each day - there's no need to keep extras in the bathroom space.

Step Three – Use Storage Solutions

Individual plastic containers can help your bathroom organization for the long term. Label these containers so you know exactly what's in them and then stack them in your vanity cabinet or in the over the toilet cabinets. As items in these containers change - change the labels.

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You might also want to include hanging storage solutions over the back of the bathroom door or a bathroom closet door. Consider using hooks on the doors too to help with robes and other necessities.

The only sticking point with bathroom organization is that you need to take the time to keep it up. Each day - take five minutes to make sure everything is still in the place you designated for it. In time - it will become second nature and your bathroom will be a place of serenity again.

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